For my husband’s birthday I decided to make a healthy SW Indian meal instead of just ordering a takeaway, especially as a few of us are trying to eat healthy. So now was the time to use my SW Cook books instead of looking at the pictures! I decided on Chicken Tikka Masala especially as this is everyone’s favorite plus a few vegetarian meals.  

I spent the day preparing the food as the tikka had to marinate for a few hours and then sauces had to be made ready for the next day. I made a King Prawn dopiaz, marrow fat pea curry & chickpea dahl and a few shop bought poppadoms and Nann bread, which obviously I had to eat (flexible syns). All these recipes can be found in the SW Fakeaway Book.


How to resist chocolate ❤️

I decided to make some cakes using my healthy extra ‘B’ choice to satisfy my craving for something sweet. These were so easy and hit the spot! Plus I can have a little fun with my photos too!

Baked oat cup cakes
Yields 3
SW cup cakes
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  1. 35g porridge oats
  2. 1 egg
  3. 1 Mullerlight (any flavour)
  4. 1/2 tsp cinamon
  1. whisk egg and add to ingredients.
  2. Stir together and pour into muffin/cakes cases.
  1. You can experiment with these, adding fruit, choc shot, lemon flavouring etc, until you find one you really enjoy. I used a Vanilla flavour Mullerlight, very moist the following day.
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