Visiting The Shard was an amazing experience, one that I would like to do again.  The lift went from ground to the 32nd floor in the blink of an eye.  We were greeted with a champagne reception and canapes served in the private glass room with amazing views of the city.  This was going to be a fabulous evening.

Our meal was served by waiting staff who were very attentive and always on hand to top up my glass so it was hard to keep a track of how many glasses you actually drank over each course.  It was a great choice of wines, so hats off to The Shard. on their choice of wine for each course.   I think tonight I am just going to enjoy. 

I hadn’t eaten too many of the canopies thank goodness.  Saving myself for the wine, because boy, was it flowing.  I even took a photo of the label on one bottle of wine as it was something I would buy myself and me being a G&T girl, would make a welcome change!   

The first course was served and I had opted for fish, which I thought was a good choice, as the saying goes, if it swims, it slims!  we shall see.                 

The main course consisted of steak and salad with a few veggies with the wine being topped up as soon as it was drunk.  I kept reminding myself of the syn value of the wine, so was trying to take it easy, not that easy though, a girl has to enjoy herself, plenty of time later for beating myself up (not)

But when the dessert came up, oh my! it was delicious.  Bramley apple cheese cake served with a dessert wine, so sweet but absolutely devine.  I was in heaven, literally according to the view!   and just when you think it is all over, out came the cheese board which I can never resist.   This evening I had used about a month’s worth of syns but I can honestly say, it was worth every mouthful.  

This sure is what they mean by the Slimming World journey…