My journey so far

I have always followed Slimming World’s healthy eating for years but feel I desperately need to change the way I look at food and start to add healthy fats to my eating plan! No more low fat yogurt, low fat cheese! Food with all the goodness taken out, need I go on?

Change is good they say, well let’s see. Obviously I will still attend my SW group as I do need the support of others and plus I like to be weighed on a weekly basis, it just keeps me on track. I’m not saying I’m going to start stuffing my face with cakes and chocolates, I can still be sensible but just to add a little bit more variety to my life! I need change!

I’m going to sign up for a yoga course and also start to meditate as I hear it’s good for your wellbeing. I’ve bought some earphones and down loaded an app called ‘insight timer’ and I can honestly say you can space out on it. Who needs alcohol and fags! Well, let’s not give everything up hey! Just little things in moderation to improve my body and soul. Don’t worry, I am not about to start chanting and preaching to everyone! I would have no friends left. I’m a party animal! I need my friends!!

I am going to update my blog on a regular basis and write about places I’ve eaten in and boy, have I eaten in a lot of places! I’m always being told, you are always out, perhaps I just brag about it more as I always love to update my Facebook page!

What is it about full length mirrors in the ladies, selfie time

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