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When are you going to start your blog I’m asked for the millionth time, well here goes …

My blog is about food, trying new recipes and ideas from other like minded people and sharing them through my love of #insta.  I always have my phone in my hand ready for the next shot – obsessive you may say! But it keeps me sane and is also a hobby.

My weekends are always full and usually involves over eating and drinking but I believe in enjoying life to the full (well, full up that is). I belong to a boat club so there is always something going on most weekends even in the winter months . The summer months are the easiest with all the scrummy salads and BBQ food, so eating the right food, whether it is a lot or in moderation is ok, as healthy eating not only helps you lose weight it also keeps your heart and mind healthy, because after all, life is to be enjoyed isn’t it!

I hope by sharing my recipes i will push myself to stick to a healthy eating plan and hopefully it will help other like minded people on their journey.

Because after all no food is forbidden it is just knowing how much to eat of it! A little of what you fancy will also stop me from giving up on this healthy life style, so I will have that square of chocolate if i want, I am taking the scenic route with a few stops on the way, just take longer to get there!  Believing in myself is the key and seeing the results in my clothes, skin, hair etc etc means I will carry on with this journey.

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