I have always followed Slimming World’s healthy eating for years but feel I desperately need to change the way I look at food and start to add healthy fats to my eating plan! No more low fat yogurt, low fat cheese! Food with all the goodness taken out, need I go on?

Change is good they say, well let’s see. Obviously I will still attend my SW group as I do need the support of others and plus I like to be weighed on a weekly basis, it just keeps me on track. I’m not saying I’m going to start stuffing my face with cakes and chocolates, I can still be sensible but just to add a little bit more variety to my life! I need change!

I’m going to sign up for a yoga course and also start to meditate as I hear it’s good for your wellbeing. I’ve bought some earphones and down loaded an app called ‘insight timer’ and I can honestly say you can space out on it. Who needs alcohol and fags! Well, let’s not give everything up hey! Just little things in moderation to improve my body and soul. Don’t worry, I am not about to start chanting and preaching to everyone! I would have no friends left. I’m a party animal! I need my friends!!

I am going to update my blog on a regular basis and write about places I’ve eaten in and boy, have I eaten in a lot of places! I’m always being told, you are always out, perhaps I just brag about it more as I always love to update my Facebook page!

What is it about full length mirrors in the ladies, selfie time

Baked oats is a favourite of mine ! I feel I am being naughty when I eat this! How can it be healthy you say…

Well it is! Thank you Slimming World and #instagram for sharing this. So many different ways to make this, but my favourite is using choc shot. You can play around with this recipe adding fruit, food flavouring, anything!! Even changing it to savoury oats by adding bacon & cheese.


40g oats (healthy extra b choice)

2 eggs

Mullerlight (any flavour)


Whisk eggs, add to oats & yogurt, mix all together and stir in choc shot.

Oven: 180C

40-45 mins


Visiting Louth this weekend, I came across a fabulous tea shop Wonderland, Gifts & Tea Shoppe selling delicious cakes and delights, run by two cheeky chappies, Wayne and Paul.  All the cakes are freshly made by Paul using ingredients that you wouldn’t think of using, with a wonderful array of sweets, chocolates, jams and chutneys,  and not forgetting the cheesecake selection, which is to die for.  You can order any type of tea, from English to Herbal with a good range of coffee. The decor is an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme which makes it stand out from your ordinary tea shops.  

I couldn’t resist the Avocado & Courgette cake and it didn’t fail to impress me!  Most of the cakes are gluten free which is one of the reasons I chose to eat in there as my Mum suffers with Celiac disease.  


Visiting The Shard was an amazing experience, one that I would like to do again.  The lift went from ground to the 32nd floor in the blink of an eye.  We were greeted with a champagne reception and canapes served in the private glass room with amazing views of the city.  This was going to be a fabulous evening.

Our meal was served by waiting staff who were very attentive and always on hand to top up my glass so it was hard to keep a track of how many glasses you actually drank over each course.  It was a great choice of wines, so hats off to The Shard. on their choice of wine for each course.   I think tonight I am just going to enjoy. 

I hadn’t eaten too many of the canopies thank goodness.  Saving myself for the wine, because boy, was it flowing.  I even took a photo of the label on one bottle of wine as it was something I would buy myself and me being a G&T girl, would make a welcome change!   

The first course was served and I had opted for fish, which I thought was a good choice, as the saying goes, if it swims, it slims!  we shall see.                 

The main course consisted of steak and salad with a few veggies with the wine being topped up as soon as it was drunk.  I kept reminding myself of the syn value of the wine, so was trying to take it easy, not that easy though, a girl has to enjoy herself, plenty of time later for beating myself up (not)

But when the dessert came up, oh my! it was delicious.  Bramley apple cheese cake served with a dessert wine, so sweet but absolutely devine.  I was in heaven, literally according to the view!   and just when you think it is all over, out came the cheese board which I can never resist.   This evening I had used about a month’s worth of syns but I can honestly say, it was worth every mouthful.  

This sure is what they mean by the Slimming World journey…


Slimming World has played a huge roll in my life and shaped me into the person I am today (literally). I want to share my highs and lows with you so you will see that it is possible to achieve the figure hiding inside of you. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

I have dipped in and out of Slimming World for years and until now have never felt so more in control of my life and my health. It’s a great feeling! I have been a target member for over a year now and intend to stay this way always.

Creating a blog has given me the opportunity of combining the two things I enjoy together – healthy eating and blogging.

Creating an Instagram account and sharing my losses, gains and food with my Instagram family has helped me stay focused. Something that I thought would never happen to me – I enjoy exercise and have recently joined my local gym. I know, I was surprised too. Continuing this healthy theme I also participate in ‘Parkrun’, a free running club held every Saturday morning for people of any age. You can even bring your dog!  So who knows what’s next, the London Marathon…?


Today has been all about body magic and flowers. I had my iPhone ready to capture the beautiful gardens at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, breathing in the scent of so many different fragrant, dizzy with the perfume of the lilies and other such beautiful flowers. It really was a day of body magic too as I wandered around for a third time, clocking up 10,000 steps on my FitBit.  

All this body magic was making me hungry! Luckily for me a good selection of food was available in the food court. I chose a prawn and noodle salad, followed by a fresh fruit salad, washed down by a bottle of water. Though I must confess, sticking to the flower show tradition, I had fresh strawberries and champagne. Well, when in Chelsea!